Ship Me April Sale

Ship Me April Sale

We have learned that when we collect many orders at once its easier for us to sew them so we would like to do a test.

We are going to offer you 50% Off just for waiting.

We are going to collect all orders and organize them by style and see how fast we can sew them!

and for helping us in our test you SAVE!

Let's see how fast we can work with your help.

All orders will be shipped via FedEx 5 day service

All orders will be shipped on April2

Use discount code : shipmeapril

The code is good for &

Mckillop Now Ships

Mckillop Now Ships

We are so proud to announce that we have left the postal service in the dust and switched exclusively to Fedex.

Fedex will bring Mckillop customers the reliability they deserve, and to make this economical for you we are subsidizing the rates.

USA/Canada 9.95 per order
International 15.00 Per Order

We subsidize 50%

Once sewing is complete Fed Ex Economy will arrive at your home in 5-7 days.



Mckillop has created an alter ego with our newest brand. Mckillop is designed for the sophisticated and Thrust is for your dark side.

Come and see what we have been working on at

***Thrust Newsletter and website registration is different than Mckillop's so Sign Up Today on to stay up to date with all the Thrust news.

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